Hostel & Mess Rules

1. All the hostelers of a hostel will compulsorily become a permanent member of the mess.

2. Each hostel mess will run as a co-operative mess by the Hostelers (inmates of the hostel) under the supervision of Mess Supervisor and Wardens.

3. The mess committee will also prepare the monthly menu in advance and display it on the notice board.

4. The audit of the mess account should be done after every semester as per norms.

The mess timings are as follows and the Hostelers should adhere to these timings:

Breakfast 07.00-08.30 am
Lunch 12.00-01.30 pm
Evening Tea 05.30-06.00 pm
Dinner 07.30-08.30 pm

Subject to variations, if hosteler schedules change due to any reason.