It has been fantastic & knowledgeable exposure while studying at Sha-Shib college. It has helped me to strengthen my computer science fundamentals as well as its applications in different domains. Our director, Mrs. Asha Madhavan, and our faculty members have always been supportive and encouraging us at every moment whenever need be.

BCA Student

Director of the Institute always motivates students to do innovative projects/work and always give guidance to improve our work. As, I was inclined to acquire knowledge of computers and IT, I opted for this college, because of its quality education, infrastructure (getting advanced day-by-day) and extra co-curricular activities that it is famous for.

BCA Student

I am currently pursuing b.Com and am a final year student of the college. It’s been great studying here. The facilities helped me a lot and the lecturer are worth attending. The college motivates its students and the surrounding is also very friendly. There are also practical committees that look after the discipline, progress and interests of students on and off campus.

B.Com Student

Sha-shib college provides a great exposure to students by organizing different activities which are very much helpful for every student for deciding their future field. All the faculties are enthusiastic and always ready to help. It not just provides us with various platforms to showcase our abilities and skill but also helps us to learn all soft skills that are highly required.

BCA Student

My college is a place of learning, fun, culture, literature and many such life preaching activities. It gives me opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn a number of things. “Think Different”, that is one thing that my college urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. My college proved to be a very well executed precursor in my career growth in the field of aviation.

BBA Aviation Management Student

It has been great meeting new people at college and engaging at a higher level with my academic studies. I found the teachers in all my subjects to be incredibly helpful which significantly contributed towards my success. I loved the freedom that college gave me, which prepared me for board exams.

BBA Aviation Management Student

The constant support got from all the staff at college helped me to succeed. All my teachers seemed to be very enthusiastic & experienced in their field & the academic coaching system made sure that outside of class time. I got a lot of support for my overall progress, which I felt helped me a lot. This was a particularly evident when applying to sha-shib.


I am a student of final year (b.Com) in sha-shib college. The aim of the institution is to provide equal educational opportunities to all in this highly diverse society. The college is integrated with all the facilities and requirements necessary for warming and teaching studying in this college is fun and worth spending time.

B.COM Student

I am very glad to share my positive journey of b.Com at sha-shib degree college. Here, they atmosphere is full of motivation & innovation. All the faculties are enthusiastic and always ready to help my knowledge & confidence has been boosted after coming here. I am very thankful to the faculties of the commerce department & they are very much supportive.


Education is a process of re-inventing self into a desirable design. A degree student has to admire what he is becoming. I discovered this emotion within while achieving my way towards bachelors in computer application from sha-shib.

BCA Student